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Let's help those kids

Inspired by the leadership of the first female International President of Lions Clubs International and the first female chairperson of LCIF Guðrún Yngvadóttir 10 ordinary Lions women took up the challenge for something extraordinary -to climb the highest mountain in Africa, the majestic Kilimanjaro in Kenya at 5985 m height with only one goal:

to help the less fortunate children to get the education they deserve and make their lives little easier.

The Lions would like to build a kindergarten and school for the youngest children and orphans from poor families and slums in Kenya, Africa.
Amrita Centre is a home for orphans and needy children in the Athi River town region.

It offers free education; three meals a day for the residential orphans; education at the primary level; vocational training; basic healthcare service for children in the community.

200 students attend school here, 20% of them are orphans. The rest are from single-parent homes, most of them headed by single mothers. Most of the parents work in local quarries earning less than 1$/day.
In 2018, The World Bank defined extreme poverty as earning less than 1.9$/day – almost double what these women earn – so the parents of these children are really challenged. Their income must purchase both food and water, and provide shelter and clothes.
Public school is not free in Kenya; families are generally required to pay fees for tuition, not to mention uniforms, books, and supplies.

If the Amrita Orphanage did not provide free schooling to its students, they would not receive an education.
Besides providing nourishment, nurturing, and education, the programs increase employability skills that will enable students to seek jobs beyond local quarries.
Currently, the school does not have capacity to serve children below primary-school age and a nursery would support 120 additional vulnerable children.

 On the top of the mountain, the 10 brave Lions women pledged to raise $100.000 for the kids at Amrita Centre.
They got almost there with $ 75.000 raised when unfortunately, Covid 19 created some roadblocks in the way.

PIP Guðrún, PID Elisabeth Haderer and the Lions New Voices of Europe decided to help and re-started the fundraising in December 2021, but cannot do it alone and ask for your help.
Thanks to our joint efforts and all of our current Ambassadors’ and donors’ generosity, we are close to accomplish our goal!
Many Lions members, friends, Clubs and Districts have donated, and we still have to raise 16.000 USD!
 We can’t all climb a mountain, but we can all make a difference!
Help us and donate, even small amounts matter!
All donations are recognized to LCIF Campaign 100 and MJF awards.

Thank you all for your kindness and generosity and for Serving from the Heart!



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